Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hollywood Studios

We spent our third Disney day at Hollywood Studios and it is safe to say that this was our favorite place.  We loved all the shows and Toy Story Mania will forever be our family's favorite ride!

Matt really wanted Kendall to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster with him.  Bless her heart... I think he enjoyed it though! ;)

Both Kendall and Landry were very brave and rode Tower of Terror.  It's safe to say they were terrified (front right corner).  We will be waiting awhile for the "big" rides again!

We just happened to be at HS during Star Wars Weekend.  It was pretty neat to see all the characters.

The girls chose light sabers as their souvenir this day.  They had a little battle!

We also found lots of fun characters.  Handy Manny was a favorite!

And there were lots of toy soldiers walking around Pixar Place.

Kendall got a lesson in how to hold her light saber from Kit Fisto.

The big girls were especially excited to meet Phineas and Ferb!

And of course, Pluto.  Matt and I have a picture of us with Pluto from about 8 years ago, pre-kids.  Our family sure has grown a lot!

We had the best time and can't wait to go back to HS the next time we are at Disney!

Friday, June 28, 2013


We spent our second day at Epcot.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about this park, but my biggest advice is to really research and make sure that this is a place you want to spend time.  If you do Park Hopper passes, then you should definitely check it out.  But if your trip is limited to just a few days and you have small kiddos, skip it.  We still had a fun day!

On the bus and ready to roll!

When we got to the park, Matt ran to grab fast passes for Soarin' (this is a must do - so fun!) while the rest of us waited in line to meet Chip and Dale.  Paisley, bless her heart, still wanted nothing to do with the characters.

We spent some time in The Land, riding Living with the Land which was really interesting to me, but the kids were a little bored.  We also watched The Circle of Life film.  The Land is a great place to get in the cool or retreat from the rain!

After that, we made our way toward the World Showcase, specifically Norway, and our reservation to eat at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall with the princesses.  I was a little worried before going in with these girls that it was going to be a disaster!   

Thankfully, they all perked right up as we were greeted by Belle at the entrance.

We had the last time slot to eat breakfast at Akershus.  I felt like we were a little rushed here because they were turning the service over to lunch and none of us were really crazy about the food.  I would suggest lunch or dinner here instead because I've heard that the food is better and this is definitely a great place to meet princesses!

With Aurora..

Kendall and her princess twin.

Snow White...


Landry's favorite!

After we ate, we set out to walk around the World Showcase.  We bought a KidCot passport book at the first gift shop and the kids enjoyed going around to all the KidCot stops to get their passport stamped.  This was more fun for Kendall.  I wish we had more time to really check out all the things in the different countries and have some food, but that wasn't a reality with 3 small kids and that's okay. 

We did stop for a little ice cream break once we made it back to Future World!

Matt took Kendall to ride Mission: Space and I took the Landry Kate and the Peanut to Mickey's Character Spot to meet some characters.  This was inside and a really nice spot to cool off!
I was so excited that Paisley actually got near Mickey!

We later rode The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and went to the Turtle Talk with Crush interactive session.  Our kids loved these attractions!  Turtle Talk was probably my favorite thing they did at Epcot and they were all laughing out loud.  

We finished the day by riding Spaceship Earth.

We had a fun day with our little princesses at Epcot!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Magic Kingdom (Day 1)

We decided to spend our first day at the parks at Magic Kingdom and I am so glad we did this.  We were able to do all the "big" things first and hitting this park mid-week was probably for the best.  

This is real life right here.  Waiting on the bus to Magic Kingdom at 7:00 am is apparently not Paisley's cup of tea.

Landry and Kendall were much happier to oblige for a photo!

We headed straight to the back of the park first and rode a couple of things that we knew would fill up with long lines, following our trusty touring plan the whole time.
"It's a Small World" was a big hit for everyone, especially Paisley!

When we got out of the ride, it was pouring rain and this is when we learned we should really keep our rain cover on our stroller at all times.  Because everyone retreated to indoor rides to stay dry, we decided to ride Dumbo and ended up walking right on the ride for back to back trips with no wait.  

As we sat down to lunch and were resting from a busy morning (Landry had already conked out in the stroller), Kendall and Paisley met Cinderella's Ugly Stepsisters and Stepmother.  You can see P was unimpressed. ;)

We headed toward Frontierland so Matt could take the big girls on some of the bigger rides.  While we waited for them, I treated Paisley to her first Dole Whip float.  I think she loved it as much as her mommy does!

We waited for our crew to come off Splash Mountain and caught them at the bottom!

They rode several times.  This picture cracks me up.  Matt says Landry wasn't nearly as terrified as she looks and she insists that she loved it.  

We met Woody and Jessie!  For those of you wondering, they apparently do not fall to the ground when they hear "Andy's coming!" anymore.  Someone in line behind us tried and apparently that one is all Pinterest'ed out!

Poor Paisley finally got a good nap in.  You've gotta take sleep where you can get it when you're at Disney!

The girls joined Captain Jack Sparrow for his Pirate Tutorial.

 In the evening, we had reservations at Crystal Palace to dine with Pooh and Friends.  This is when we learned that Paisley was pretty terrified of characters in costume.   

She was so worried that they were going to kiss her!

Not even Tigger could coax her into a hug.

The big girls were more than happy to meet everyone though!

This is a little video of Paisley being so worried about the characters. 

We did several things after dinner like riding the Tea Cups!

We loved Enchanted Tales with Belle and the girls were all thrilled that they got to be a part of the storytelling and play a role!  Landry was Mrs. Potts and Paisley was Chip.

And Kendall was thrilled to play the part of the Beast!


 Our family!  Love that we have photos like this from buying the PhotoPass+!

 Even though Mickey is Paisley Jane's favorite, she wanted nothing to do with him!

We met Landry's favorite, Ariel, at her Grotto!

We headed toward the front of the park at the end of the night to catch some of Wishes. 

Our plan was to hang tough and watch the 11pm Electrical Parade.  Kendall and Landry didn't quite make it though.  

However, this little one had no problem staying up!

We watched a little of the parade before heading out and catching the ferry back to the parking lot and heading back to the hotel.  We had a fun first day full of memories!